Honey Barbecue Chicken



Crank up the grill and get cooking to savor this sweet-and-tangy chicken dish. The Honey Barbecue Sauce, made with Worcestershire, lemon juice, and honey, adds bold flavor to the grilled chicken pieces.




  1. Coat food grate with cooking spray; place on grill over medium-high heat (350° to 400°). Place chicken on grate, and grill, covered, 5 to 10 minutes on each side. Reduce heat to low (under 300°); grill, covered, 40 to 50 minutes for breasts and 30 to 40 minutes for drumsticks or until done. Brush with 1 cup Honey Barbecue Sauce during last 10 minutes of grilling. Serve with remaining 1 cup sauce.

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  1. Thoutencers
    68 days ago

    Considering beef,lamb,seafood, chicken and pork. Please incorporate your favorite veggies & beer brands. Thanks.

  2. Colorm1936
    68 days ago

    I have only chicken breasts things i based in the freezer and they’re dry on the website own I’ve some herbal treatments and hony too. What is the easiest method to prepare them?

    How sweet, thanks Tefi…

  3. Ralf1968
    65 days ago

    I am not the finest prepare… however i require a recipe preferrably using boneless skinless chicken breasts. I’ll most likely make 2-4 of the dish, and so i was wishing someone may help me by having an easy, but scrumptious meal. Perhaps a casserole? Help!! I want this inside the hour…

  4. Thentair80
    65 days ago

    I am snowed in and so i can’t arrive at the store and that i need barbecue sauce. Does anybody have a very good recipe for many will be able to make completely from products I would have within my cupboard?

  5. Goodditin
    63 days ago

    I am dieting and I wish to possess some chicken breasts. What’s the easiest method to prepare chicken to ensure that her cheapest possible calorie count? The flavour does not matter in my experience. It may taste as bland as you possibly can as lengthy since it’s cooked and never raw.

  6. Mirere
    54 days ago

    I’ve raw pizza and I am not a prepare. I believed of just putting them within the oven, but that might be boring.

    I’d appreciate a suggestion of a different way to start planning them. I actually do possess some seasonings, orange sauce (Panda Express), soy sauce, and barbecue sauce. Can One prepare with one of these?

    I’m not sure. What must i do?

  7. Arromed
    49 days ago

    following a couple of hrs. I usually make a meal enough for 2 nights but whenever I grill chicken, it dries up. What shall we be held doing wrong.

  8. Joatmettly
    46 days ago

    I’ve lately transformed my eating routine and am thinking about making grilled chicken but I’m not a real prepare, and so i was wishing someone available includes a tasty yet healthy seasoning for that chicken.

  9. Thisted
    36 days ago

    And must i take away the backbone to spread out up before cooking?

    I’ve: plenty of herbal treatments and spices or herbs, fresh tulsi, fresh lemon juice, butter, essential olive oil, honey, grain, barbecue sauce, spicy mustard, along with a VERY TIGHT BUDGET!

    ok, how about this: I saw on some cooking show (I believe bobb flay?) after he “spatchcocked” (haha) the chickens, he put foil-wrapped bricks in it. Anybody ever do this??

  10. Wepid1928
    35 days ago

    I’ve 4 chicken white meat and I’d like it with grain (whitened), I have no idea how you can prepare the chicken???? Produce ideas please no copy from the site Iook at links exactly the same way just like you would type something out, I love Italian chicken, honey mustard, BBQ prefer Zoysia though!


    Essential olive oil and garlic clove sounds great! Also does anybody possess a recipe for Miracle-Woks breading I understand its unhealthy but what is the recipe thats close and tastes great?

  11. Wallut34
    32 days ago

    Even McDonalds grilled chicken is preferable to mine. Mine is flavorless and unappetizing despite my efforts to spice it, put sauce onto it, whatever. Everybody else’s is definitely better.

  12. Mathervenrat62
    28 days ago

    I have been reading through articles that tell about some meals that may prevent or cause cancer. I’m not sure if they’re true. So, does grilledchicken,fries,hotdogs,burgers,pork,liver,sausages,fried chicken,pepperoni pizza,soy, undercooked meat,let’s eat some onions,garlic clove,cafeteria food,egg comes,chicken nuggets,salad,barbecue cause cancer?? Help!

  13. Laideard
    8 days ago

    each time i eat chicken which i marinate in honey bbq sauce, my tongue burns like its burning! the truth is, it never happens using the regular bbq sauce however i love the honey kind. does anybody know why this really is happening?

    i’m not allergic.

    OH– and consuming soda after causes it to be worse, and juice causes it to be better (very odd in my experience!)